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Choppy Audio in WMV
Mark Cole  
Posted : Friday, February 27, 2004 8:47:55 AM(UTC)
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When I convert my MPG files to WMV, the audio in the output is choppy. Any suggestions?
DeskShare - Support  
Posted : Friday, February 27, 2004 9:25:50 AM(UTC)
DeskShare - Support

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Like Video, the Audio quality and size also depends on the profile that you use to make your movie in Windows Media Format. The quality of Audio is determined by its frequency. The profile selected at Medium setting saves audio at 8 KHz. This is appropriate when your requirement is streaming your video across the internet with a 28.8 to 100 Kbps connection. However, if you need your video for playback on your computer then you will have to use a better profile. Good quality audio is produced when they are sampled at 16 KHz or higher frequencies.

Select "Others" from the Settings box when you configure Windows Media Format Properties in the Make Movie Wizard to list all the profiles available to you. Now you can select a Profile that matches your requirements in Video Dimension, Frame Rate and Frequency.

To know more about the selected profile you may click Properties. To know the dimension, frame rate and frequency of your original file you can refer to the File List in the Collections window. These video/audio properties are displayed in the File List along side your original file. Once you know the original properties you can easily select an appropriate profile.

Video Edit Magic also provides you with an option to Auto Select a profile. Just select Windows Media Format from the output section in the Make Movie dialog and click Auto Select when configuring Windows Media Format Properties. If an appropriate profile is found, it will be automatically selected for you.
Posted : Thursday, May 17, 2007 6:03:48 AM(UTC)
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I recently purchased VEM and I too am experiencing choppy audio when capturing from my video camera. I'm using a sony vx2100 through firewire. VEM recognizes the video device as Microsoft DV Camera and VCR and the audio device is onboard Realtek AC97 Audio.

Please advise. Thanks in advance!
Posted : Friday, May 18, 2007 12:31:55 PM(UTC)
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Capturing from a video camera is a resource intensive task for your PC. It requires your PC to perform multiple tasks at the same time which includes capturing the video file, encoding the file and writing it to your drive.

When capturing from your camera, make sure:
1. Your PC has enough memory.
2. You were capturing and saving the file to a local drive and not an external drive.
3. You're not running any other applications during the process.

If you still experience problems then I suggest you upgrade your DirectX Windows component on your PC. It is available free from Microsoft and can be downloaded from the following location:

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