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Converting DV from NTSC to PAL
Posted : Monday, October 15, 2007 4:44:50 AM(UTC)
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When converting my home videos that were originally filmed in NTSC and then converted to PAL I run into a unique problem. I have a DVD player that only plays NTSC and I have a international VHS/DVD system that plays all medias. I first tested by NTSC player with a orignal PAL movie that I bought in Italy and the movie comes up Region Error, which is what I expected. now when I convert my home NTSC videos using Digial Media Convertion to PAL and put them into my NTSC player they play just fine. I checked the converted files on my computer and the disc and they both come up showing that they are in PAL format. so my question is why do they still play on a machine that is only for NTSC formated DVDs?
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Posted : Tuesday, October 16, 2007 6:06:12 AM(UTC)
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Region Error doesn't refer to PAL vs. NTSC. DVDs can be marked by the manufacturer with a "Region Number". Region 1 is the United States, Canada, and some smaller nations. Europe is Region 2. A DVD player for Region 1 will not play DVDs from any other region.

When you converted your NTSC video to PAL, you also put them on a new DVD that didn't have a Region 2 code, so your Region 1 DVD player was able to play them.
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