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WebCam Monitor 6.22

WebCam Monitor: Configuring Video/Audio Recording

Configuring Video/Audio Recording

The Video/Audio Recording Alert records video or audio for a specified duration when Motion/Noise is detected or a specified time interval is reached or both depending upon the selected Alert category.

To configure the Video/Audio Recording Alert:

  1. On the Tools menu, click Options
  2. Select the Alerts tab
  3. Under Video/Audio Recording, click Configure

You can also open the configuration window by clicking the Configure hyperlink present under the Quick Settings pane.

Output Folder

Record Folder Name

Select the folder to which you want to save all video recordings. During motion or noise detection, this Alert will create a new file for every recording it does in the folder given in Record Folder Name.

File Name Options


The Video/Audio Recording alert generates file names with the prefix specified here. You can then choose to append a date and time or a sequential number to this prefix.

Append date and time to file name

When you select this option, then the Video/Audio Recording alert will append the date and time when it generated the file to the Prefix specified above.

Append sequential numbers to file names

If you select this option, then the alert will append a sequential number to the Prefix specified above.

Overwrite existing file

When you select this option the recording file is generated with the same name as specified in the Prefix. If the file by the same name is already present in the Record Folder then the new file will overwrite the old file.

Record Stream

Record Video Stream

If you select this option, then the recording alert will record video stream, provided, you are using a Video Device for monitoring.

Record Audio Stream

When you select this option, the the Video/Audio Recording alert will record the audio stream, provided, you are using an Audio Device for monitoring.

Record Settings

Record Duration

Specify the duration in seconds, after which the Video/Audio Recording alert will stop recording.

Limit Recording to

If this option is checked then the recording will not exceed the size limit in MB specified here. If the recorded file attempts to go beyond this limit, recording will be automatically stopped.

Select Bit Rate for Recording

You can choose the bit rate as 45 kbps, 123 kbps or 248 kbps. The quality of recording will depend on the bit rate you select. Higher bit rates result in better quality recordings that are much clearer and sharper. But the file size of the recording is large. Smaller bit rates result in reduced file size but the quality is also much less.

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