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Auto FTP Manager 7.05

Auto FTP Manager: Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

You can use this option only if you create an Automated Transfer profile.

If files with the same name are present in both the folders (the source and destination), Auto FTP Manager follows conflict resolution rules to decide whether to overwrite an existing file .  Auto FTP manager provides 8 conflict resolution options.

To configure Conflict Resolution click:

New Profile Wizard > Automated Transfer > Conflict Resolution

If file is already present on the destination side then your selection will control what happens. Your choices are:

  1. Overwrite Always: The file in the destination folder will be deleted and replaced by the one in the source folder.
  2. Append Date and Time: The file will be transferred from the source folder to the destination.  It will be renamed at the destination by appending the current date and time.
  3. Skip: The file will not be transferred.
  4. Overwrite if date is newer: If the file in the source folder is newer than the other, the older file in the destination folder will be overwritten with this newer file.  Otherwise, no action will be taken.
  5. Overwrite if size is larger: If the file in the source folder is larger, Auto FTP Manager will overwrite the file in the other folder.  Otherwise, no action is taken.
  6. Overwrite if date is different:  If the file is present in both locations, it will be overwritten only if the modification date/time does not match.
  7. Overwrite if size is different:  If the file in the source folder is not the same size as the other, the file in the destination folder will be overwritten.
  8. Overwrite if date/size is different:  If the file in the source folder is not the same size as the other or has a different modification date, the other file is replaced.
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Copyright © DeskShare Incorporated.  All rights reserved.