2.Understanding the Workspace
3.Getting Started
4.Storyboard Operations
5.Working with Projects
7.Capturing Media from Devices
Capturing from a Web Camera
Capturing from a Digital Video Camera
Importing from a Digital Video Camera
Controlling a Digital Video Camera
Capturing Snaps
Changing Capture Device
Changing Capture To Folder
Capturing in AVI Format
Capturing in WMV Format
Capturing without Audio
Changing Video/Audio Settings and Formats
Changing Snaps Output Format
Working with Captured Files
8.Keyboard Shortcuts

Auto Movie Creator 3.26

Changing Capture To Folder

The capture tool saves all captured video footages and snaps in the specified folder.  By default, the capture tool uses your MyDocuments folder ( Documents in Windows Vista) for this purpose.  To change the folder:

  1. On the Capture menu, click Options.  You can also click the Folder link on the main Capture dialog.  The Options window opens.
  2. On the General tab, under SaveOptions, specify the folder where you want to capture video and snaps. 
  3. Click OK

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