2.Understanding the Workspace
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Videos and Photos Collection
Music Collection
Titles and Credits Collection
3.Getting Started
4.Storyboard Operations
5.Working with Projects
7.Capturing Media from Devices
8.Keyboard Shortcuts

Auto Movie Creator 3.26


Auto Movie Creator has a toolbar on the main window and a separate toolbar for the Collections window.  These give you easy, quick access to the most commonly-used commands.  This section describes the main toolbar.  The toolbar for each Collection will be described in the section on that Collection.

Figure 1 is the main window's toolbar.

Figure 1: The Main Toolbar

It includes:

New Project, Open Project and Save Project: New Project closes the current project, leaving you a blank Storyboard to start work on a new movie.  The contents of the Video and Photos Collection and Music Collection are not removed.  You should Save Project periodically (and at the end of an editing session) to avoid losing your work.  Open Project opens a previously saved project so that you do further editing. 

Cut, Copy, Paste and Remove: A clip or transition can be moved from one part of the Storyboard to another using cut and paste.  Copy lets you paste the clip or transition without affecting the original.  If you cut it, it is removed from the original location and can be pasted to a new one.  The Remove key deletes the clip or transition entirely.   Remove can also be used to remove files from the Video and Photos collection and the Music collection.

Narration and Volume Balance Control: Click on the Narration button to add a voice recording starting from the position where the seek slider of the Preview is positioned.  The Volume Balance Control lets you adjust the relative volumes of the clip audio, music and narration in a clip.

Options and Help: Click the Options button to change the program's settings.  The Help button will open this Help file.

The buttons starting from Videos and Photos Collection and ending at Export represent the logical sequence of activities for making a movie.  Use these button one after the other, in the order shown, and you get a final edited movie complete with music, narration, effects, transitions, and titles and credits.  (You may choose to skip some of these steps, depending on the type of movie you are creating.)

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