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Freehand Painter 0.95

Understanding Eraser Tool

The Eraser tool removes the part, as you drag it across the image.  Use Eraser tool to edit the objects by erasing areas.  Freehand Painter uses vector eraser.  A vector graphics is a collection of connected lines and curves that produce the objects.  Although the Eraser tool quickly remove parts of an artwork, the tool still must follow the general rules of how vector objects are drawn.  This means if you try to erase part of a single closed object, the result will be two closed objects.  It's easiest to see this when attempting to erase paths that contain strokes.

Following image shows exact difference between a normal eraser and vector eraser:

From above figure, its clear that Vector eraser maintains precision of the stroke drawn.  As a stroke has Round Cap, the Eraser tool creates two different pieces, each with its own respective round cap appearance.  You can also select individual object created by the eraser.

Freehand Painter provides two different vector erasers: Point and Stroke.  Point Eraser is your default eraser which allows you to divide your artwork into pieces.  Use the Stroke eraser when you want to remove an entire stroke.  To select an eraser, either click   on toolbar or Press "E".  By default, point eraser is selected.  You can toggle between the erasers by pressing "E" (keyboard key).   When you Double click on the eraser icon, you will be provided two options to select any one of the eraser, as shown below.

To Erase Part of an Object

Use point eraser to remove part of the stroke.  Point eraser lets you divide the entire stroke into parts.  To erase a part of object,

  • On toolbox double click eraser. 
  • Select Eraser.
  • Drag across the area, you want to erase.

To Change size of the Eraser

  • On toolbox double click eraser. 
  • Select Eraser.
  • Click Eraser Size Adjuster

    You can adjust Eraser size by following ways:
    • Press and hold size adjuster then drag mouse.  To increase or decrease the eraser size drag mouse left, right, up and down. 
    • Type value in size box. 

To Erase the complete Stroke

Use stroke eraser to remove the entire stroke.  With this type of eraser, you can simply tap a stroke to remove it.  To erase a complete stroke,

  • On toolbox, select eraser.
  • Tap over any potion of the stroke. 

Following image shows, use of stroke and point eraser.  This will help you to understand the difference between stroke and point eraser.

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