2.Workspace Tour
3.Managing Your Files
4.Drawing and Painting
Understanding Vector Graphics
Painting With Brush
Eraser Tool
Undo And Redo Actions
Full Artwork View
5.Working with Colors
6.Selecting and arranging objects
7.Keyboard Shortcuts

Freehand Painter 0.95

Full Artwork View

Freehand Painter allows you to preview and work on an artwork file in a full canvas view.  In full canvas view, you can hide the toolbar, color group, title bar leaving only the canvas window visible.  Click on the title bar, to preview your artwork in full screen view.  You can also press F11 key or right click anywhere on the canvas to toggle between full screen and normal view. 

By selecting full view, you get to work on the whole canvas area.  You can draw and perform all editing actions on an artwork, while using the full-screen preview. 

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