2.Workspace Tour
3.Managing Your Files
Open A Artwork
Save Your Artwork
Export Artwork
4.Drawing and Painting
5.Working with Colors
6.Selecting and arranging objects
7.Keyboard Shortcuts

Freehand Painter 0.95

Save Your Artwork

You can save your artwork to preserve it.  Freehand Painter saves the document in standard ISF (Ink Serialized Format) format.  This is a Microsoft format to save an ink object.  An ink object is simply a sequence of strokes.

To Save An Artwork

To save your document, click File Menu >> Save.

Browse to the location where you want to save your artwork and click Save

To Save an Artwork with Different Name

You can save your artwork with different name and at different location.  Click File Menu >> Save As

Browse to the location where you have to save your artwork, specify the document name and click on Save

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