<LINK rel=stylesheet type=text/css href="Style.css"><h1>Welcome to Smart Email Verifier</h1> <p class=level_1_indented>Smart Email Verifier will check every e-mail address from a given mailing list and determine if the emails are valid.&nbsp; It is easy to use, powerful and reliable utility to verify and clean up your mailing list.&nbsp; It does three levels of verification: Syntax, DNS and SMTP.&nbsp; It is the smartest and fastest e-mail verifier in the market today.</p> <p class=level_1_indented>The program supports all popular file formats.&nbsp; With ODBC support, it allows you to work with databases like MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, MS Access and even with Microsoft Excel.</p> <p class=level_1_indented>Smart Email Verifier can save time and money for businesses that send newsletters to their clients, non-profit organizations that send bulletins to their members, or any person or business that needs to maintain a clean e-mail contact list.</p> <p class=level_1_indented>Smart Email Verifier is designed for system administrators, webmasters, programmers, as well as for those advanced users who have their own mailing lists and would like to keep them up-to-date.</p> <p class=level_1_indented>There is no need to disturb your clients and friends anymore to check if their e-mail addresses are still valid.&nbsp; Smart Email Verifier connects directly to their SMTP server and checks it for you.&nbsp; Nothing is sent to the recipient.</p> <p class=level_1_indented>Smart Email Verifier helps to decrease Internet traffic, because you can clean your mailing list beforehand, keeping you from sending undeliverable messages that cause a ping-pong of useless messages between SMTP servers.&nbsp; In addition to saving your Internet resources, it helps you to save money.</p> <p class=level_1_indented>Read the article: <a href="http://www.deskshare.com/Resources/articles/sev_verify_your_emaillist.aspx">You Need to Verify and Clean your E-mail List Regularly</a></p> <h2>Features at a Glance:</h2> <ul> <li>Validate e-mail address lists, removing duplicates and invalid or expired addresses <li>Test e-mail addresses at three verification levels  Syntax, DNS and SMTP <li>Import e-mail addresses from Text Files, Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Outlook address books, and ANY ODBC-compliant database system <li>Save e-mail verification results to Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, SQL Server, Text Files and Word Files <li>Create your own rules using pattern-matching to fine-tune verification <li>Learn the probable country of origin for each address </li></ul><BR>