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Verifying E-mail Addresses
Working with Verification Rules
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E-mail Verification Considerations
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Smart Email Verifier 3.51

Working with Verification Rules

Verification Rules are methods to override normal verification for e-mail addresses that match a pattern.  For instance, you may want to mark all e-mail addresses belonging to as Valid or Do Not Check because always returns a valid result.  Rules help to reduce the time it takes to verify e-mail addresses.

To change the Verification Rules, click on the Tools menu and Options, then select the Rules tab.

Adding a Rule

To add a rule, click Add.  The Add Rule dialog will be displayed.  Enter an e-mail address or domain name, select a Rule and click OK.  All e-mail addresses matching the entered string will be processed as per the rule.  You may also use wildcards as an e-mail address or domain name.

For instance, if you wish not to verify all e-mail addresses belonging to, click Add.  Enter "*" as E-mail or Domain Filter.  Select Do not verify from Rule and click OK.  During verification if an e-mail is found belonging to (matching the string "*"), it will not be verified and the text "Did Not Verify: By Rule" will appear in the Result column.

Editing a Rule

To edit a rule, select the rule to be edited and click “Edit”.  You may change the e-mail/domain name and/or the rule.  Click OK after editing the rule.

Removing a Rule

To remove a rule, select the rule and click "Remove".  The rule will be deleted.

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