2.Getting Started
3.Working with Smart Email Verifier
4.Verification Process
Verifying E-mail Addresses
Working with Verification Rules
Verification Summary
E-mail Verification Considerations
Forced Verification

Smart Email Verifier 3.51

Verification Summary

The Verification Summary appears when time e-mail verification is completed, or when you abort the verification process by clicking on the Stop button in the tool bar.  Even if you are working on some other application while the verification process runs, the Verification Summary pops up as soon as verification is completed.

The Verification Summary dialog contains the following:

  • Total E-mails: Number of all email addresses verified during the current session. 
  • Syntax Verification: It shows the number of emails with Valid and Invalid syntax respectively. 
  • Domain Verification: Lists down emails in Valid Domain, Invalid Domain, Domain Not Reachable and Remaining categories. 
  • SMTP Verification: Lists down emails in Valid E-mail addresses, Invalid E-mail addresses and Unable to Verify/Verify Command Blocked e-mails. 
  • What would you like to do next?: This option allows you to Export, Import and/or Retry Timed Out E-mails. 
  • Show Summary after every Verification: This box is checked by default.  Uncheck it if you do not want the Verification Summary dialog to appear after verification process is completed.  To enable display of the dialog again, click on Options from the Tools menu and check the Show Verification Summary box. 

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