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Site Translator 4.16

Site Translator Profiles

A profile is used to store the details of the current translation.  You will often want to repeat one of the translation task.  For instance, you may be translating a folder with many files and may want to continue the translation the next day.

You can save your translation settings as a Profile.  Your profile is created with the extension.stlp at the specified location.

Click File >> Open Profile to load the profile.  All the files are displayed with their status preserved the last time you had saved.  You can continue the translating process from the point where you had left.

A profile preserves the following information:

  • Files listed for translation along with their status. 
  • List of Words and tags to Exclude.
  • The General Settings such as, inclusion of sub directories, copying the non translatable files when a folder is selected for translation, file types that should be translated, output folder to store translated files. 
  • Source and Target language. 

To save your current translation settings as a profile, click File >> Save Profile.

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