2.Getting Started
Adding Files and Folder for Translation
Words to Exclude
Tags to Exclude
Browse and Translate Websites
Working with Translation Memory
3.Advanced Options
5.Troubleshooting Tips

Site Translator 4.17

What can you Translate?

Translate your files to multiple languages.  It has the ability to translate the following file formats:

  • Web pages: Translate your web pages in any of the 19 available languages and ensure that it is the most frequently visited website.  When you translate the web pages, only the content of the page changes.  The source code of the web page remains unchanged. 
  • .Net Applications: Translate the resource files (.resx files) to localize your applications. 
  • CHM Help Files: Site Translator supports the translation of the CHM files in any of the available languages.  Your product help manual can now be available in exact same structure and formatting as your original one with translated contents. 

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