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Adding Files and Folder for Translation
Words to Exclude
Tags to Exclude
Browse and Translate Websites
Working with Translation Memory
3.Advanced Options
5.Troubleshooting Tips

Site Translator 4.17

Tags to Exclude From Translation

When translating files, you have a choice to keep the text within certain tags untranslated.  For instance, your company name can be the title of all your web pages.  You can instruct the program not to translate the page title, by excluding the <title> tag from translation.

Click File >> Tags To Exclude.

Enter the opening tag (For example, <title>) and click Add.

All other tags present within the excluded one also remain untranslated.  For instance, suppose <ul>(bullet list) tag is present inside the <p>(paragraph) tag.  If you choose to exclude <p>, none of the text in the <ul> will be translated either.

Tag Lists are saved as part of a Profile.

Note: Site Translator never translates the contents of <script> tags.

You can also mark any area of a page not to be translated by using a custom tag.  Add the tag <DoNotTranslate> to the Tag List.  Any text between <DoNotTranslate> and </DoNotTranslate> is skipped during translation. 

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