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Site Translator 4.17

Tips For Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Tips

How to speed up the translation process?

There are two possible reasons for a slow translation:

  • A slow or disrupted Internet connection.
  • Too many users accessing the Translation server at the same time.

Site Translator connects to a server maintained by DeskShare to perform the machine translations.  Make sure the Internet connection is working.  If your PC cannot connect to this server or the server is overloaded with other requests, translation will be slow.  If so, wait for a few minutes and then try translating the files.

How to improve the quality of the Translation?

A native language speaker will translate text better than machine translation.  Therefore, we offer a Translation Memory feature.  This allows native language speakers to view the translated content and modify the phrases.  Hence, the next time the same word or phrase is translated, the modified content will be used improving the quality of the translation.

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Troubleshoot Character Encoding Problems

The status is displayed as Failed: Code tags or user defined encoding is not supported in charset attribute

The charset attribute specifies the character-set of the document getting translated.  The translation of the file fails when it uses user-defined character encoding value or any code tags for charset attribute.

For example, <meta http-equiv=Content-Type content="text/html; charset=<?php echo DEFAULT_CHARSET;?>">

To overcome this problem, try changing the value of the charset attribute to UTF-8 or Windows-1252.  Any other character encoding value can be replaced depending on the content of your file.

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