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Team Task Manager 2.41

Understanding Task Dependencies

A Task Dependency is a relationship between two tasks in which one task depends on the finish of another task in order to begin.  You can set up dependencies in Team Task Manager to reflect real-life issues, automatically adjusting start and end dates so that the tasks won't be scheduled at times when they can not be worked on or completed.  Dependencies can be created between two or more tasks, tasks and tasks groups or between two or more task groups.

The Admin, Secondary Administrator, Project Managers and Users with power member permissions can create dependencies.

Importance of Task Dependencies

Task dependencies help you decide when a task can be started.  For example, a room can not be painted until the walls are in place.  In turn, the drywall can not be installed until the plumbing is complete.  With Team Task Manager, you can specify that a certain task can start after one or several other tasks are completed.

In Team Task Manager, dates are automatically adjusted based on dependencies.  For instance, in software development, what if an unexpected delay occurs in the initial analysis phase?  All the dependent phases need to be postponed by a specific duration.  Team Task Manager automatically adjusts the dependent tasks as soon as the first is extended.  This helps to solve task management problems effortlessly.


In any dependency relationship, there will be a predecessor and a successor.

  • Predecessor: A task that must start or finish before another task can be started and completed.  Here, ‘Task A ' must be completed before ‘Task B ’ can start. 

  • Successor: A task that can not be started or completed until the earlier task starts or finishes.  Here, ‘Task B ’ can not start until ‘Task A ’ is completed. 

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