3.Manage User Accounts
4.Manage Projects
5.Project Overview
Task List
Gantt Chart
6.Assign Tasks
7.Organize Tasks
8.Task Dependency
9.Share Notes
10.Viewing Reports
11.Understand Notifications
12.System Maintenance
14.Helpful Tips

Team Task Manager 2.41

Project Overview

The section provides you a detailed information of the projects, task groups and tasks in Team Task Manager.

You can track all your project and task related activities using the Projects screen.  Project screen is divided in three different views.  The Task View, the Gantt Chart View and My Assigned Tasks List. 

The Task View displays the task information as a hierarchical list.  The Gantt chart shows the task information graphically with respect to the project timeline.  In Gantt Chart View, the tasks are represented by horizontal bars having different color combinations according to the task status.  The main purpose of this view is to have pictorial representation of the tasks and projects.

In My Assigned Task List two lists are shown, which are useful for viewing the task assigned to you and task assigned by you.  The main purpose behind giving these list separately is for showing you all tasks which are assigned to you and by you in list format.

The topics discussed in this section are:

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