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Video Caster 3.44

Video Caster: Publishing Media Files

Publishing Media Files

To publish media files to a FTP server using the Publishing Wizard, follow the given steps:

  1. On the main application interface, click on the Publish Your Media Files option.  Files can also be published after conversion to WMV format or after you make a slideshow.
  2. Click Next on the welcome screen.
  3. Step 1 of the wizard is Select Media Files.  If this wizard appears after a slideshow is made, the slideshow appears in the list of Media Files to Publish.  Click Add, to add all files that you want to publish.
  4. To remove a file from the list, select it by clicking on it.  Now click Remove. Click Next.
  5. Step 2 of the wizard is to specify FTP Details of the account where you want to publish the files such as FTP Address, Login Name, Password and Remote Folder (Optional).
  6. The option Use Passive Mode for logging in is checked by default.  The Port is 21, by default.
  7. The Anonymous Login option allows you to connect to the FTP server without entering a login name and password.
  8. If you connect to the internet using a Proxy or Firewall configure it by clicking Configure Proxy Server.
  9. Click the Test FTP Connection button to see if the given settings are correct and a connection to the FTP server can be established by using them.
  10. Click Next to start publishing the files one by one.
  11. Step 3 of the wizard is Publishing Files.  The total percentage of files published is shown.  Click Finish when the process is 100% complete.

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Copyright © DeskShare Incorporated.  All rights reserved.