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Streaming Media Formats
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Understanding Profiles
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Video Caster 3.44

Video Caster: Understanding Profiles

Understanding Profiles

The process of creating a streaming media format file is very complex, especially when you have to ensure that your entire audience is able to view the video.  Profiles are files that contain information about creating a streaming file.

Profiles specify the encoding bit-rate, video/audio codec to use, number of streams to encode and various other parameters.  A Profile name identifies individual Profiles and contains a short description about when to use them.  This makes the process of creating Windows Media 9 a simple job of selecting the right profile.

Video Caster’s built-in Capture utility is capable of capturing directly in Windows Media 9.  The type of file created depends on the profile you select.  The conversion utility also lets you select a profile.  Video Caster uses information contained in the selected profile to convert an existing file to Windows Media 9 format.

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