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Video Caster 3.44

Video Caster: Windows Media 9

Windows Media 9

Windows Media 9, when combined with Windows Media Player 9, can provide an instant-on/always-on playback experience for users on broadband networks and a dramatic improvement in streaming reliability and responsiveness for dial-up users, virtually eliminating annoying buffering delays and interruption when playing digital media content.

Fast Start

Buffering time can be virtually eliminated whether playing a single piece of content, or switching seamlessly between on-demand clips or broadcast channels.

Fast Cache

Can provide an always-on playback experience by streaming content to the Player's cache as fast as the network will allow, reducing the likelihood of an interruption in play due to network issues.

Fast Recovery

Ensuring an always-on viewing experience over high latency network connections, for example, wireless and satellite.  Fast Reconnect virtually eliminates packet corruption and interruption through local packet correction.

Fast Reconnect

Ensuring an uninterrupted viewing experience, Fast Reconnect automatically restores Player/Server and Server/Server connections if disconnected.

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Copyright © DeskShare Incorporated.  All rights reserved.