My Screen Recorder  5.1

Frequently Asked Questions

What is My Screen Recorder?

My Screen Recorder is feature-packed desktop recording software that records everything that happens on the Windows desktop and saves it as industry-standard AVI or WMV movies.  You can record audio, streaming video webinars, or video calls within a single click.  With My Screen Recorder Pro, create training videos, presentations, screencasts, or any other task that requires a video screen recorder.


Can I change my keyboard shortcuts?

Yes.  Click Tools >> Settings >> Keyboard whenever you need to change the keyboard shortcuts.


Why am I not able to capture videos playing in Windows Media Player?

Media Players and games display videos and animation using a special “accelerated” video mode.  To capture such applications, you need to disable hardware acceleration.  To disable hardware acceleration from within My Screen Recorder, Click Tools >> Settings >> Display and check the option Disable hardware acceleration during recording and click OK.  Hardware Acceleration will be restored to its original setting once the recording is done.

Note: This option is needed for Windows XP, therefore it is disabled under Windows 7 and Windows Vista.


How can I reduce the size of screen recordings?

The size of the recordings depends on the video and audio compressors.  Newer video compressors like Microsoft MPEG-4 and audio compressors like MPEG Layer 3 can help you to reduce file sizes.  You may also change video quality to significantly lower file sizes.  Select Tools >> Settings >> Format to change these settings.  My Screen Recorder Pro can make very small WMV and Flash video files.


Is it possible to record video without audio?

Yes.  Select Tools >> Settings >> Recording and uncheck Record Audio option, if it is selected.


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