Digital Media Converter Pro 4.14

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What video formats do Digital Media Converter Pro supports?

Digital Media Converter Pro supports all the popular input and output formats.  For more information, please check out our supported input formats and output formats.


Q.  What is the difference between the trial version and the registered version?

In trail version, all the converted videos will have trial version tag.  MP3 and other audio files are limited to first 3 minutes.  You can remove all the limitations by purchasing the software.


Q.  Which devices does Digital Media Converter Pro support?

Digital Media Converter Pro supports all the popular device formats.  Please view a complete list of Supported Device Formats.


Q.  Is there a way where I can remove the ads when converting a TV recorded DVR-MS or WTV file?

Yes you can remove ads and get a commercial free video.  Set the Folder Watcher to monitor your Media Center folder for new WTV or DVR-MS files.  The Folder watcher has an option to remove commercials from the recorded files.


Q.  How can I set Digital Media Converter Pro to automatically convert media files from my folder?

Folder Watcher monitors a folder on your PC for new media files and schedules your conversion at a specific time.  With this feature, you don’t have to manually add the files for conversion.


Q.  How to add special artistic effect to video?

In Video Effects window, you can adjust brightness, contrast, volume level.  You can also rotate the original file by 180 degree and change it to gray scale


Q.  Can I check the applied video effects in real time?

In the Effects Settings window, you can view the effect applied in the Preview panel.


Q.  Can I transfer the media files to PSP?

Digital Media Converter Pro gives you an option to transfer the media files to your PSP device.


Q.  How can I transfer my audio files to iPod or iPhone?

Digital Media Converter Pro can automatically add your converted files to your iTunes playlist, which can be synced to your iPod or iPhone.


Q.  Can I rip audio CDs?

Yes, you can rip your audio CDs to MP3, WAV, AAC, M4A, AMR, AC3 DTS and WMA files.  Insert your audio CD into the drive and use the option Rip Audio CD.


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