My Screen Recorder Pro  5.32

Frequently Asked Questions

What is My Screen Recorder Pro?

My Screen Recorder Pro is an ideal tool to capture your PC desktop activity into AVI, Flash, MPEG 4 or Windows Media (WMV) format.  In addition to recording the PC screen, it allows you to add audio to your recordings either through microphone or speakers.  You can cut, join and add various effects to your recordings like a professional and publish them to websites.


Can I publish my screen recordings on my website?

Yes, My Screen Recorder Pro allows you to publish your recordings to websites or any FTP server.  You can also automatically convert and publish your screen recordings using Auto Publish.


How can I add my own narration when preparing my presentation?

First you need to select the Audio Recording Device as Microphone from Tools >> Settings >> Recording.  When the microphone is enabled, start narrating as you record your presentation.


Can I edit my screen recordings?

Yes.  My Screen Recorder Pro includes powerful editing tools.  You can cut and join your screen recordings like a professional videographer.  To make your recordings more illustrative, you can highlight the mouse clicks or change the mouse pointer.  Add any information to the recordings by stamping them with text and current date and time.  Edit and convert your recordings to a wide range of formats.


Can I record the screen in hidden mode?

Yes, you can hide My Screen Recorder Pro and perform the recording in the background.  The keyboard shortcut to hide and unhide the application is Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F7.  You can change this shortcut from Tools >> Settings >> Keyboard.


Can I still play my screen recordings without an appropriate media player installed on my PC?

Yes, you could create video executable of your screen recordings.  The self playing video executables are great for distributing your files on CDs or DVDs.  They make your screen recordings playable on a PC, without any requirement of an exclusive media player.  Click Tools >> Make Video Executable.


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