What's New?
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Auto FTP Manager 7.24

What's New?

What's New in Auto FTP Manager?

Version 7.2

Version 7.1

  • Schedule actions to perform before starting or after completing a transfer : Now you can choose to run a particular program before starting transfer or you can set a schedule to close the application or turn off your computer after transfer completion.
  • Enhanced weekly schedule functionality: You can choose to repeat the schedule after specific time and select the time duration for which the schedule should run using advanced options to configure weekly schedule.
  • Quick view of schedule status: View the details of scheduled profiles such as type of schedule, next run time, last run time and status.

Version 7.0

  • Transfer files to and from Android mobile devices: Manage files on all your Android devices from your computer. Move files and entire directories on your Android devices from anywhere.
  • Remotely transfer files to a PC over the local network: Now you can easily transfer your files from one PC to another PC present in your local network. You can also choose the folders and drives which you want to share on the remote PC.
  • Transfer files between any combination of PC folders, FTP servers, Android mobile devices and remote PCs: Imagine the possibilities of transferring files between any combination of devices, servers and PCs, manage it all from your computer. Over ten different combinations are possible. You can transfer files between two android devices, two remote PCs or a remote PC and an FTP account directly from your computer.
  • New action rules allow you to delete and rename files after transfer: Now you can perform more actions after a successful transfer. In addition to move, we have added action rules for deleting and renaming of files.
  • Improved transfer reports: Select a specific event to generate a transfer report when automated transfer is completed, failed or manually stopped. Save the transfer report to all locations including PC, FTP server and send it by email.
  • New test connection feature helps you login: Having trouble logging in? You are sure you have the correct username and password but not sure about other settings? Our test connection feature tries various combinations of settings to automatically correct common login problems.
  • Multi-language interface: The application interface can now be displayed in German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

Version 6.1

  • Enhanced Exclude Filter: Now you can choose to exclude subfolders(folders within a folder) from transferring.
  • Easily choose your Home Folder: Save time by selecting a Home Folder in File manager using right click mouse option.
  • Common Conflict Resolution: Existing filename conflicts can now be applied to the location you choose to move files after transfer.
  • Support for Profile Specific Proxy Connection: Now configure individual proxy server for separate profile connections. 

Version 6.0

  • Support for SFTP Protocol: Securely transfer your files when connected to a SFTP server.
  • Connect with Proxy Servers: Does your network have a proxy server? Now you can use the following proxy connections : HTTP, FTP, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5.
  • Open and Edit Remote files: Use any application such as WORD or EXCEL to directly modify files on the FTP location.
  • Auto Discoverable FTP Connection Settings: You know the username and password but still having difficulty in connecting to the FTP account? Use our new Test FTP Connection helper to test the connection and automatically discover the correct FTP settings.
  • Quick Connect using URL: Found a FTP URL on a website? Just copy it and let Auto FTP Manager automatically discover and configure the FTP settings.
  • Watch Folder: Schedule your Automated profile to automatically start transferring when changes are detected in a monitored folder.
  • Redesigned User Interface: The slick new interface is intuitive and more user friendly.
  • Windows 10 compatibility: Auto FTP Manager fully supports Windows 10 in 32 bit and 64 bit versions.
  • Enhanced Tab Control: Right click on a tab and perform quick operations such as Close tab, Close all opened tabs, Edit Profile and view Profile Information.
  • Drag and Drop files to a folder shortcut: You can now transfer files to the folder shortcut  for your local or Network drive.
  • Improved Log Messages: Clear and easy to understand message log content.
  • Cut-Paste files from desktop to FTP: Easily move your files from any PC location and paste directly to a FTP folder cut-paste operation.
  • Support for Zip folders: Transfer local files directly into a Compressed Zip folder.
  • Automatic updates: Get automatically notified when a new update of Auto FTP Manager is available.
  • New Post Transfer Events: Auto FTP Manager allows you to shut down your PC after an Automated Profile has executed.
  • Quick View of Profile Details: All the information of the profile such as Last Connected Status,Last Run date, Last Run Status, Connection details and Automated Transfer rules can be easily accessed.

Version 5.3

  • Windows 8 compatibility: Auto FTP Manager fully supports Windows 8 in 32 bit and 64 bit versions.

Version 5.1

  • New Action Rules: Over 20 new Automated Transfer Rules have been added.
  • Connect FTP over proxy: If your PC is behind a proxy, you can now specify a proxy setting for each FTP account.

Version 5.0

  • Support for FTPS: Connect to secure FTP servers using the FTP over SSL protocol.
  • Server to Server Transfer: Transfer files directly between 2 servers using Site to Site FXP (File eXchange Protocol).
  • Accelerate Transfers: Multiple connections increase transfer throughput.
  • Enhanced Scheduler : Scheduled transfer profiles now execute as a service.
  • Resume Transfers: Auto reconnect and resume of interrupted transfers.

Version 4.3

  • Enhanced File Name Filters: Include or exclude files based on their names, using wildcards.  Multiple filters in the same profile allow precise file selection.

Version 4.2

  • Improved Export and Import: Exported profiles are now stored in a single file for simplified transfer and archiving.
  • Search for Profiles: Exported profiles can now be found automatically by Auto FTP Manager, simplifying administration.
  • Silent Command Line Operation: Profiles run from the command line no longer open the program window, speeding operations and improving script performance and transparency.
  • Transfer Logs Saved Only On Failure: Optionally, transfer logs can be saved only when a transfer fails, allowing administrators to easily identify and correct problems.

Version 4.1

  • Advanced Filtering: Auto FTP Manager can transfer files and folders based on filtering rules using wildcard matching, file types, modification dates, and file sizes.
  • Mail Transfer Log: Now you can have the program email a copy of all transfer logs to a specified address.
  • Precise File and Folder Selection: You can select folders, subfolders, and even individual files for automated transfer.
  • Improved Interface: The appearance of program icons and the layout of toolbar buttons have been upgraded.

Version 4.0

  • Command Line Interface: Run any Automated Transfer Profile from the Windows command prompt and easily use Auto FTP Manager from a script.
  • File Transfer Queue: The Quick Connect File Manager now lets you add files and folders from different locations to a single transfer queue.  Select and transfer multiple files from different folders and drives with a single click.
  • Easy Navigation between Folders: File Manager includes navigation history in the form of dropdown list to access folders on your computer/network or within the FTP folder easily.
  • Wild Card Matching: Transfer a file by matching its name to patterns that use standard Windows wild cards.  For instance, "mov*.wm*" would match "movie23.wmv".
  • Automated Deletion: The files from the destination folder of an Automated Transfer Profile are automatically deleted if they are not present in the source (or vice versa).

Version 3.6

  • Changing Attributes: Assign the access rights you want to grant to different categories of users for files and folders on any UNIX Server.  This way, you can exercise a control over the read, write and execute permissions given to people.
  • Exporting and Importing Files: Allprofiles can now be exported and saved in a folder of your choice.  You can bring them back to the application by using the import feature.  All profiles from the previous version automatically get imported to the latest version.
  • Comparing Files and Folders: You do not need to track each file that has been renamed, changed in file size or is present in one of the folders but does not exist in the other.  The compare button highlights files and folders that are different in Folder 1 and Folder 2.

Version 3.5

  • Enhanced Profile Wizard: Filters allows you to include or exclude specific file types for transfer and schedule your automated transfer with a Profile Scheduler.
  • Action Rules and Conflict Resolution: Customize your Automated Transfer by applying easy to understand Action Rules that includes resolving the filename conflicts.
  • File Transfer Log: Save HTML transfer logs for all Automated Transfers and view a history of what files were uploaded, downloaded, deleted, and more.
  • Local to Local Transfer: In addition to local and FTP folders, you can now transfer files between two local folders.
  • Importing Profiles: This feature imports all your Quick Connect Profiles from previous versions of Auto FTP Manager without creating them again.
  • Recording Profiles: The actions you perform while working with any Automated or Quick Connect Profile can be recorded.  A new Automated Profile containing these actions is created when the recording ends.  You can then schedule the recorded profile, and add other actions you want it to perform.
  • Advanced Filters: Auto FTP Manager can include or exclude files during automated transfer based on filters set by you.  Now you can specify the modification date and file size, apart from the file type filter, on basis of which files should considered or ignored.

Version 3.4

  • Improved Automated Transfer: Known as Synchronization in the previous versions of Auto FTP Manager, the flexible Automated Transfer lets you easily setup transfers that provides you with more features than simple synchronization.
  • Integrated New Profile Wizard: The improved New Profile Wizard now lets you create both, Automated Transfer and Quick Connect Profiles.

Version 3.2

  • Size based synchronization: A new set of Action rules enables you to synchronize local and remote folder based on file sizes.
  • Duplicate Profiles: Easily duplicate and create new Automation and Quick Connect Profiles by changing only the desired properties.
  • Convert Quick Connect Profiles: Convert any Quick Connect Profile to an Automation Profile and immediately start synchronizing folders.
  • Enhanced Backup: By default, backup now creates new compressed files or folders instead of overwriting them.
  • Browse above remote folder: The File Manager now restricts browsing a remote folder only by the FTP server’s permissions.

Version 2.1

  • Quick Connect Profiles: Quick Connect Profiles provides a means to connect to an FTP site with minimal effort and time.  Quick Connect Profiles can also be used as bookmarks to your favorite or most frequently visited FTP sites.
  • Download and Delete Action: The "Download and Delete" action can be set for rules "If local file is not present" and "If remote file is newer".

Version 2.0

  • Profile Names: A profile name is required when creating a new profile.  An existing profile can also be renamed from the Profiles List.
  • Linked Folder Support: Linked folders can now be downloaded from a UNIX based FTP server.
  • Retry Transfer: If file transfer fails in the File Manager then the transfer can be re-tried from the Error Log.
  • Automatic Navigation: With this feature switched on, opening a local folder automatically opens up the corresponding remote folder in File Manager.
  • Include List: This feature lets you specify files that must be included during synchronization.  All other files are ignored.
  • Time Zone Difference: Date and time of files are retained when they are transferred between your PC and the FTP server even when your PC and FTP server are present in different time zones.
  • Time Based Synchronization: Synchronization can now be carried out for newer files only.  Two new action rules lets you select rules when remote files are newer or older than the one present on your PC.
  • Keep Alive Customization: Specify a custom interval and command to send to the FTP server to keep the connection alive.

Version 1.8

  • Support for Netware and MS-DOS FTP servers: Conduct data transfers between the local host machine and the remote FTP servers of Netware and MS-DOS types.
  • Copy and Paste operations in File Manager: The familiar facility of copy and paste operations like the Windows Explorer is provided in the File Manager.
  • Windows Shell Integration: Easy to use drag and drop feature for copy and paste operations between Windows Explorer and Auto FTP Manager's File Manager has been provided.

Version 1.5

  • Multiple File Managers: Navigate through multiple remote FTP servers and carry out simultaneous data transfers for different profiles.
  • Unrestricted Data Transfer to any local folder in the File Manager: Transfer files from any local folder to the remote FTP server irrespective of the folder being specified for synchronization.
  • Resumption of Data Transfer in File Manager: Resume interrupted transfers by choosing to overwrite or resume the transfer if the files are already present.
  • Sorting in File Manager: File Manager simplifies your task of finding the files and folders to be transferred by sorting them according to file name, size, last modification time and their attributes.

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