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Auto Movie Creator 3.26

Export: File Display Information

Windows Media Video (WMV) files contain what is known as "metadata".  Metadata is information that is not sound or video.  Instead, it describes the sound and video components of the file.  Commonly-used metadata include the title of the movie, the names of the creators, and a description of the contents.  This information is displayed in the media player when the file is being played, and also displayed file listings, so it is referred to as "File Display Information".

To add File Display Information to a Windows Media file, click the File Display Information button on the file name and location screen:

File Name and Location

Auto Movie Creator divides the File Display Information into three tabs: Description, Album, and Origin.


The items on the Description tag are about the movie itself:
Description Tab

The Title and Subtitle of the movie are whatever you select.  Tags are used when searching for movies.  For instance, a movie about the Pacific Ocean might have the tags "ocean; water; oceanography; fish; sea turtles; typhoon".  The tags you use here will help other people find your movie when they're looking for information on a particular subject.  Another term for tags is keywords

The Comment is exactly that: this is where you can put anything that doesn't fit into any other File Display Information area.


On the Album tab are the Artists, Year (of production) and Genre of the movie:


On the Album tab you can enter information about the creators of the movie: the director's and producer's name(s), a URL for more information, and copyright information.

When you have finished entering your File Display Information, click OK.

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