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Auto Movie Creator 3.26

Export: Send Video E-Mail

To send your movie as video e-mail, select Send Video E-Mail when exporting.  Auto Movie Creator sends the video as a file attachment.  Video Email is always created as Windows Media Video (WMV), which is highly-compatible and produces small files suitable for sending through email.

Follow this procedure:

  1. Select Profile.   A Profile is a detailed description of the characteristics of a media file.  When you select a profile, its details are displayed below it.
  2. Click Next.  You are prompted to select a name and location for your movie.   

    Select File Name and Location
    Pick a name that will tell the person receiving your video email something about the movie.
  3. You can add File Display Information to your movie.  This "metadata" includes a title, genre and other information, and can be displayed during the playing of the movie and also used when searching for movies. 
  4. Click Export.  Auto Movie Creator will save your movie in the selected format.  During the export process, Auto Movie Creator displays certain information: the name of the Output File, its predicted size, the start time of the export, and how long it has been running. 
  5. When the export process is complete, click Attach to attach the video file to an email message:
    Send Video Email
    You can also click Save movie to my computer... to save a copy of the file on your system, and/or Preview movie... to watch the movie before attaching it. 
  6. Auto Movie Creator will automatically open a new message in your default mail program and attach the video file to it.  This is how that window looks in Mozilla Thunderbird:
    Video Email
    You can change the default text to anything you like.

NOTE: Auto Movie Creator does not send video email using completely web-based services like Hotmail.  You must use a stand-alone mail client to send video email.  Web services can receive video email, but you cannot use them to send the mail.

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