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Auto Movie Creator 3.26

Trouble Exporting?

This section discusses the problems you may face when Exporting.

Movie synchronization problems

The video and audio in the created movie may go out-of-sync due to the following reasons:

  • A significantly large difference between the video frame rate of the output movie and the original movie may cause the video and audio streams of the created movie to go out of synchronization.  If there are multiple video clips added to the Storyboard then the “Auto Select” feature selects the highest frame rate to preserve the video smoothness.  Try keeping the frame rate as close to the original video clip as possible. 
  • The audio compressor MPEG Layer-3, in rare cases, causes the video and audio streams of the created movie to go out of synchronization.  The audio or video may finish first.  However, MPEG Layer-3 is a very good compressor and usually provides higher compression compared to some other compressors.  If you experience synchronization problems, select another audio compressor.  Almost all Microsoft compressors are safe to use. 

Video created is of much shorter duration

The created movie may be of a much shorter duration than what you might have edited in the Storyboard.  This may happen due to the following reasons:

  • When making movie after selecting Microsoft ADPCM as the audio compressor, the process may not render the entire movie.  Generally, the process completes normally up to 50% and then jumps to 100% complete.  This means that you will have only a part of the movie saved.  If you experience this, select another audio compressor. 
  • If the original file is a WMV file and converting this file completes midway then ensure that this WMV is seekable.  Open the original WMV file in Windows Media Player and see if you are able to seek to any random position.  If not, then the WMV file is not indexed and hence cannot be edited.  To fix this problem, we have to make the file seekable.  Please contact technical support for assistance.

Saving AVI files with odd dimensions:

When saving to AVI format you might get this message " The selected video and/or audio compressor cannot be used.  Please select another compressor and try again. "  Then here are a few points that might help:

  • Many of the compressors do not support odd dimensions.  By default the dimension is automatically converted to multiple of 4 and it is strongly recommended to do so, to avoid the error message above.  Please be sure that this option is checked. 
  • Some video and audio compressors may also be incompatible.  From the Audio Compressor box, select Uncompressed and try making the movie.  If you are able to make the movie then the problem is with the selected audio compressor. 

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