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Changing Auto-Update Frequency of All Web Pages
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Active Web Reader 2.49

Changing Properties of a Web Page

You can change the different properties that define a web page in Active Web Reader.  Properties you can change include the Title, the URL and the Auto update frequency.  The Title is the name, which appears in the Web Pages list.  Always try to keep a simple title for easy identification and browsing.  The URL is the web address of the page.  If you are unable to get updates on a particular page, or if you are unable to access the page, check the URL as it might have been changed.  The Auto Update Frequency can be specified in hours or days.  It is always useful to specify the frequency in hours for content prone to frequent changes like the ones from News websites.  To change the properties of a web page:

  1. Select the Web Pages tab on the bottom-left corner of the Active Web Reader user-interface.
  2. Click on the name of the web page whose properties you want to change.
  3. On the File Menu click on Properties.  You can also access the web page's property by right-clicking on the name of the web page (from the list on the left side of the user-interface) and clicking on Properties.
  4. Click OK after making the changes.

        See how to change Auto-Update Frequency of all Web pages

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