1.Welcome - Active Web Reader
2.System Requirements
3.What's New?
5.Working with RSS Feeds
6.Working with Web Pages
Adding a New Web Page
Changing Properties of a Web Page
Changing Auto-Update Frequency of All Web Pages
Updating Web Pages
Reading a Web Page
Removing a Web Page
Internet Explorer's Favorites
Content Highlighting
7.Auto Discovery of Feeds
8.Using Tabbed Browsing
9.Upgrade Active Web Reader

Active Web Reader 2.49

Reading a Web Page

To read a web page in the current browser window, simply click on the web page.

To read a web page in a new browser window:

  1. Select the Web Pages tab.
  2. Select the web page (from the list on the left side of the user-interface) you want to open in a new window.
  3. On Windows menu click on New Window.

You can also open a web page in a new window by right-clicking on the web page and clicking on Open in New Window.

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