1.Welcome - Active Web Reader
2.System Requirements
3.What's New?
5.Working with RSS Feeds
6.Working with Web Pages
Adding a New Web Page
Changing Properties of a Web Page
Changing Auto-Update Frequency of All Web Pages
Updating Web Pages
Reading a Web Page
Removing a Web Page
Internet Explorer's Favorites
Content Highlighting
7.Auto Discovery of Feeds
8.Using Tabbed Browsing
9.Upgrade Active Web Reader

Active Web Reader 2.49

Internet Explorer's Favorites

You can easily import all web pages present in the Internet Explorer's Favorite folder to Active Web Reader.  This way, you can get notified of all content changes in these web pages.  Additionally, you can also organize Favorites and add any page you browse in Active Web Reader to Favorites.

Importing Favorites

  1. On the Favorites menu, click Import Favorites.
  2. Check all web pages that you want to import.
  3. Click Import.
  4. The checked web pages are added to the “All Pages” folder under the Web Pages tab.

Adding to Favorites

To add the currently opened web page to Internet Explorer's Favorites, point to the Favorites menu and click Add to Favorites.

Organizing Favorites

To organize Internet Explorers Favorites, point to the Favorites menu and click Organize Favorites.

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