1.Welcome - Active Web Reader
2.System Requirements
3.What's New?
5.Working with RSS Feeds
6.Working with Web Pages
Adding a New Web Page
Changing Properties of a Web Page
Changing Auto-Update Frequency of All Web Pages
Updating Web Pages
Reading a Web Page
Removing a Web Page
Internet Explorer's Favorites
Content Highlighting
7.Auto Discovery of Feeds
8.Using Tabbed Browsing
9.Upgrade Active Web Reader

Active Web Reader 2.49

Updating Web Pages

You can update the web pages manually.  Stay up to date on content changes by using this feature before accessing a web page.

To update a web page:

  1. Select the Web Pages tab on the bottom-left corner of the Active Web Reader user-interface.
  2. Select the web page you want to update by clicking on its name (from the list on the left side of the user-interface).
  3. On the File menu, click Update or click the toolbar button labeled Update.

Updating multiple web pages can be a tedious task.  Instead of individually updating each and every web page, you can use this feature to update all web pages at one go.

To update all Web Pages:

  1. Select the Web Pages tab.
  2. On the File menu, click Update All.

Web Pages are automatically updated depending on the Auto-Update Frequency you specify when adding a new web page.  You can change the Auto-Update Frequency by changing the Web page's properties.  When a web page is updated, Active Web Reader automatically highlights all updated contents.  See more about Content Highlighting.

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