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Digital Media Converter Pro 4.18

What's New?

What's New in Digital Media Converter Pro?

Version 4.1

  • Windows 8 and Windows 10 compatibility : Digital Media Converter Pro fully supports Windows 8 and Windows 10 in 32 bit and 64 bit versions.

Version 4.0

  • Support for New Input Formats : We can now convert WebM, WMV HD and IVF video files.  New audio formats that can be converted are M4B, M4R (Iphone Ringtones), ASF, APE, MPA and MP2.
  • Intellisense Video Parameter Magic : The new intellisense technology automatically selects the correct video properties (bitrate, frame rate, dimension) to produce the very best output quality.
  • Convert videos to multimedia devices : Supports over 70 portable devices including the new Game Consoles and mobile phones like Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, and Sony Ericsson.
  • New Conversion Engine : The new conversion engine is faster and more reliable.
  • Improved Status Messages : More detailed status information so you can see each step during conversion.
  • Supports MPEG-4 HD output format : Convert to MPEG-4 HD format for the highest quality video in the smallest amount of space .

Version 3.2

  • Add Web Media : Download media from YouTube or any Web Page for conversion or viewing.
  • Remove Commercials : Remove the Commercials from your TV-Recorded files.
  • Folder Watcher : Monitor a folder for new media files to convert.

Version 3.1

  • Support for WTV : Convert television shows recorded by Windows 7 Media Center.
  • Fast DVR-MS Conversion : Conversion of DVR-MS format used in Windows XP and Vista is faster than before.
  • Support for DV-AVI Files : Convert your videos to high quality DV-AVI files.

Version 3.0

  • Support for Devices : Digital Media Converter Pro now directly supports the most popular video-playing devices, including portable media players (iPod, Zune), mobile phones (iPhone, BlackBerry), game consoles (Xbox), and Apple TV.
  • Support for DV File Format : You can now convert videos to high-resolution professional quality DV files.
  • User Interface Upgrade : The user interface has been completely redesigned for greater ease of use.

Version 2.4

  • Support for AVCHD Files : You can now convert high-definition MTS and M2TS files from high-end camcorders.
  • Flash Video Using H.264 Video Encoding : Support for high quality FLV files using the MPEG 4 Advanced Video Codec (AVC) has been added.
  • 5.1 Channel Audio for WAV and AAC : Convert WAV and AAC files which use 5.1 channel surround sound into different formats.
  • Support for WMA Pro Audio Compression : Convert WMA and WMV files which use this advanced audio compression method.
  • Unicode File Names : Supports filenames using any character set supported by Windows.
  • DRM Test Before Conversion : The program now checks for Digital Rights Management restrictions on Windows Media files before attempting to convert them.

Version 2.3

  • Repair Media Files : The Repair Wizard corrects problems in many types of files, including AVI, WMV, MPEG, and MOV.
  • Save Converted Files in Original Folder : When converting files that are in different locations, the converted files can be stored in the same folder that the original file is located in.

Version 2.2

  • Playlist Creation and Editing : The built-in Playlist Editor can create playlists from ripped CDs or from any audio files, set the play order, and add and remove songs.
  • New File Formats Now Supported : Digital Media Converter Pro can now convert AIFC, FLAC, MPA, RMVB, and SND files.
  • Compatibility with Windows Server 2008 : The program has been fully tested on Windows Server 2008.

Version 2.1

  • De-interlacing : Now you can de-interlace video files during conversion, improving the quality of the image.
  • Correct Audio/Video Synchronization Issues : A new option can correct "lip sync" problems during conversion.
  • Saved Sessions : Digital Media Converter Pro can now save file lists, conversion settings, and other user selections as Session files.  Continue working after an interruption, or save a standard set of conversion settings for a particular task or file type.
  • Auto detection of CDs : The program will automatically detect the presence of an audio CD in any drive and prompt the user to rip it.
  • Support for Matroska (MKV) Conversion : Digital Media Converter can now convert Matroska files.

Version 2.0

  • Audio CD Ripping : Convert music from your CDs to MP3, AAC, or any other supported audio format.
  • Support for MPEG 2 Transport Stream Files : TS files can now be converted.

Version 1.3

  • MPEG 4 File Formats : Digital Media Converter Pro can now export MP4 files with full customization and selection of compressors, bit rates, and other properties.

Version 1.2

  • Faster Conversion into MPEG files : Conversions into MPEG 1 format are significantly faster.
  • More Flexible Conversion for MP3 and OGG files : Additional selections for bit rate and sample frequency when creating these file types.

Version 1.1

  • CD Ripping : Digital Media Converter Pro can rip tracks from an audio CD and save them in any supported audio format.  It can also add them to iTunes playlists automatically.  Online lookup lets you automatically name the ripped files based on the song title and album name.
  • Retain Metadata For Media Files : Tags like Artist, Title and Album are not lost when converting to AAC, MP3, and other formats that support metadata.
  • Support for the Widest Variety of Media File Inputs : Digital Media Converter Pro can convert files in the following input formats: AVI, WMV, QuickTime MOV, MPEG 1 and 2, VOB (DVD), DivX, MP4, M4V, RealVideo (RM, RAM, RV), 3GPP and 3GP2, DVR-MS, Flash Video (SWF and FLV), MP3, WAV, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, WMA, AIFF, M4A, RealAudio (RA).
  • Support for the Widest Variety of Media File Exports : Digital Media Converter Pro can convert files into the following formats: AVI, WMV, QuickTime MOV, MPEG 1 and 2, VOB (DVD), VCD/sVCD, 3GPP and 3GP2, Flash Video (SWF and FLV), MP3, WAV, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, WMA, M4A, AMR, AC3.
  • Portable Device Support : Support for widescreen video, high portable device resolutions, and devices including the Apple iPod and Microsoft Zune.
  • Video Resize Mode : This feature enables you to retain the aspect ratio of the source video when video conversion involves a change in the width and height of the video.
  • Auto Split feature : Auto Split can split a file to fit on a 650 MB standard VCD, 4.7 GB DVD (Single Layer), and 8.5 GB DVD (Dual Layer).
  • Change Audio Volume : Increase the volume of the converted file up to 400%.
  • Video Effects : Apply color balance and image transform effects to the files you convert.
  • Search and Add Files : Digital Media Converter Pro allows you to search in a specified folder and sub folders for files of specified types.

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