<LINK rel=stylesheet type=text/css href="Style.css"> <STYLE> <!-- h1 { } --> </STYLE><h1>Welcome to Team Task Manager</h1> <p class=level_1_indented>All organizations face the challenge of communicating information between team members, ensuring proper task follow up, and managing people.&nbsp; DeskShare is proud to present to you Team Task Manager, the complete group co-ordination program that helps you effectively manage all your projects and resources.&nbsp; Share your ideas and manage people and projects quickly, easily, and effectively.&nbsp; Team Task Manager combines all these functions into a single application.<BR></p> <p class=level_1_indented>You can assign tasks, set up dependencies, view reports, share files and receive feedback from your team members, whether they're at the next desk or 1000 miles away.&nbsp; Having geographically dispersed teams no longer means into long delays and huge expenditures.&nbsp; Now you can manage, track and control your project teams as well as tasks from anywhere, anytime.&nbsp; You can set up Team Task Manager on each person's PC, then assign tasks to them with priorities and due dates, share resources, track status and generate reports.&nbsp; Team Task Manager automatically notifies the team members about the newly created tasks, informs you of completed tasks and sends out reminders of overdue tasks.&nbsp; It encourages innovation by allowing companies to concentrate on core activities effectively without getting bogged down by expensive and hard to use communication and management solutions.</p> <p class=level_1_indented>Team Task Manager gives you a competitive advantage by putting at your disposal a complete desktop-based group communication solution.&nbsp; The user-friendly interface makes project management simple, from building a team to generating reports.&nbsp; All your data, including documents, project data and team member information are on your server.&nbsp; You have complete data security.</p> <p class=level_1_indented>Success depends on effective communication and management.&nbsp; Succeed with Team Task Manager.</p> <H2 class=ltr>Features at a Glance:</h2> <p class=level_1_indented><b>Task Management</b></p> <UL style="LINE-HEIGHT: 20px"> <li>Create projects, hierarchical task groups and tasks <li>Set date, duration and dependencies for tasks <li>Add tags, comments and attached files to any task <li>Assign&nbsp; tasks to one or more team members <li>Filter and sort tasks by up to 12 different criteria <li>Show tasks in hierarchical tree view, Gantt chart or list view </li></ul> <p class=level_1_indented><b>Team Management</b></p> <UL style="LINE-HEIGHT: 20px"> <li>Assign individual access rights for each project and document <li>Provide an individual To-Do-Lists for each team member <li>Assign tasks to team members and follow-up via report view <li>Get instant notification alerts when changes are made </li></ul> <p class=level_1_indented><b>Document Sharing</b></p> <UL style="LINE-HEIGHT: 20px"> <li>Share and edit documents securely <li>Follow up delegated tasks and get notified about task changes <li>Generate customizable reports for projects and tasks <li>Archive old/completed projects for future reference </li></ul><BR>