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Video Caster 3.44

Video Caster: Customize Slideshow

Customize Slideshow

Customize dialog is used for customizing different settings of a slide.  It shows the settings related to an individual slide.  To customize a slide, a slide should be selected in the Slides tab of the Auto Slideshow dialog.  Refer to Add and Arrange slides.

Features provided by the Customize dialog:

  1. Slide Duration Settings
  2. Rotation of slides
  3. Slide Text
  4. Changing Video Settings
  5. Applying Video Effects
  6. Cropping Slides

This features can be accessed from the 3 tabs present on the Customize dialog i.e. General, Effects and Crop.

Opening the Customize dialog

Customize dialog can be opened in one of the four following ways:

  • Click Customize button on the Slides tab
  • Double click a slide
  • Right click a slide and select Customize from the popup menu
  • Press Alt + Z


  • Any changes that you makes will not affect the original pictures stored on your computer.
  • Clicking Save button only saves changes made to the current slide in the slideshow.
  • Clicking Reset button resets the slide settings to the previously saved state.
  • To Customize another picture in the Slideshow, click the Previous button or the Next button until you reach the slide you want to customize.
  • Slides counter is shown in a box at the left bottom which indicates the current slide number and total number of slides.  To navigate to a particular slide directly, the user can enter the slide number in the box and hit Enter.
  • When you are done with customizing the slides, click Close to close the Customize dialog box.
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Copyright © DeskShare Incorporated.  All rights reserved.