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Video Caster 3.44

Video Caster: Using Styles

Using Styles

Styles set different moods for slideshows enhancing the visual effect.

Selecting a style for the slideshow:

  1. Click on the Styles tab on the Auto Slideshow dialog.
  2. Select the Style you want to set for the slideshow.
  3. Click on the Preview Slideshow button.

Supported Styles

  1. None: This simple and elegant style features cross-fade transitions with no animation.  The None style creates a slideshow with height and width same as the first picture in the slideshow.
  2. Birthday: Celebrate a birthday with this jolly style. The style features a cartoon character with her birthday cake and gifts.  Balloons form the border of the slideshow.  Use some lively music along with your birthday pictures for a lovely slideshow.
  3. Christmas: The Christmas style features an animated Santa waving merrily.  The style depicts many gifts, an elf and bells forming a border of the slideshow.  Add these to your photos with some music and celebrate the festivities of Christmas.
  4. Happy Easter: The Happy Easter style features an animated bunny's head and Easter-eggs.
  5. General: This elegant style features a simple framed border that you can use for any occasion.  You may also use this style to make professional slideshows for presentations.
  6. New Year: This style presents the gaiety of New Year celebrations.  It features animated characters having a gala time.  One of them jumps with joy and the other uncorks Champagne.
  7. Party: Enhance your presentations with this party style.  It shows a animated girl swaying to music and a guy in a rapturous pose with confetti, ribbons and balloons floating around.
  8. Thanksgiving: Depict the joyous mood of Thanksgiving with this humorous style that features an animated person trying to catch a turkey.
  9. Wedding: Portray wedding bliss with this elegant style.  It depicts a dancing couple, an animated ringing bell and a girl walking down the aisle.  The slide view has a floral border and heart-shaped transitions appear in the slideshow.
  10. Romantic: What is more romantic than waltzing under the glistening moon on a starry night?  This style features a silhouetted couple and animated music notes from a guitar.  Add romantic music to set the mood.


  • Except for the None style all other Styles are created in a default 720x540 dimensions.
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Copyright © DeskShare Incorporated.  All rights reserved.