<LINK rel=stylesheet type=text/css href="Style.css"><H1>Welcome to Video Edit Magic</H1> <P class=level_1_indented>The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to capture video footage, and assemble a movie in mere minutes.&nbsp; Add professional scene transitions, some background music, and a couple of title effects, and you're ready to show the world your finished masterpiece.</P> <P class=level_1_indented>Edit and combine popular file formats including AVI, WMV, MP3, MPEG, MOV, JPEG and many more, all on the same timeline.&nbsp; This makes it easy to create something truly unique from multiple media sources.&nbsp; Video Edit Magic can edit AVI, MPEG (1 and 2), DVD video and WMV files directly there's no need to convert them to another format first.</P> <P class=level_1_indented>Video Edit Magic makes movies in the MPEG formats that are used when creating DVDs, VCDs, and SVCDs.&nbsp; You can also output to QuickTime, AVI, and WMV formats.&nbsp; Movies can be made to NTSC or PAL standards.</P> <P class=level_1_indented>Video Edit Magic makes it easy to join, split, crop, trim, modify color, and merge your video files.&nbsp; It includes more than 150 professional quality transitions and visual effects.&nbsp; Some popular ones are Rotate, Green Screen, Picture-In-Picture, Pixelate, and Wipes.&nbsp; A&nbsp;unique feature of Video Edit Magic is the volume track, which you can use to adjust the volume of audio clips from 0% to 400% at any point.&nbsp; You can create fade-ins, fade-outs, and merge sound from the two audio tracks for almost any volume effect.</P> <P class=level_1_indented>Video Edit Magic is the ideal way for hobbyists and professionals to turn ordinary videos into works of art.</P> <H2>Features at a Glance:</H2> <UL> <LI>Capture video and audio from any USB or FireWire input device &nbsp; <LI>Edit the audio and video components of a file separately <LI>Combine multiple audio and video files, effects, and transitions using a full-featured 9 track timeline <LI>Add visual effects to your videos <LI>Enhance your movies with more than 150 unique transitions <LI>Use any DirectShow-compatible add-on effects and transitions <LI>Overlay one video over another, use picture-in-picture, or sophisticated  green screen effects <LI>Make movies in AVI, MPEG, WMV, QuickTime, and DV AVI formats <LI>Import and export high definition 1080i video <LI>Create movies in widescreen (16:9) format <LI>Add a musical score or voiceover narration to your video file <LI>Adjust audio volume at any point on the timeline using unique volume tracks <LI>Join multiple media files, regardless of format, into a single movie <LI>Add text Titles and Credits <LI>Remove unwanted footage from your videos and audios <LI>Create DVD and VCD format files <LI>Change color and contrast <LI>Zoom or rotate video <LI>Export your videos directly to any digital video camera <LI>Repair common file format problems in AVI, MPEG, QuickTime, and WMV files </LI></UL> <P>&nbsp;</P>