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Video Edit Magic 4.47

What's New in Video Edit Magic?

Version 4.4

  • Improved Timeline The Timeline has been simplified and streamlined.  Drag-and-drop is more flexible and more accurate.
  • Enhanced Cropping and Splitting:  You can now select exactly which tracks to crop or split.
  • Precise Navigation:  Use the arrow keys to move the Seek Slider one frame at a time.

Version 4.3

  • Directly edit MPEG files: You can open MPEG files, add them to the Timeline and work with them directly, without converting to them to AVI format.
  • Dropping Sources from Collections to anywhere on the Timeline: You can drag sources (media files, images, effects and transitions) from the Collections window.  The sources get placed exactly where you drop them on the Timeline, irrespective of where the seek slider is positioned.

Version 4.2

  • Drag and Drop Media Files: Media files can be dragged from the explorer and dropped into the Collections window under Media Files.
  • Enhanced QuickTime Make Movie Feature: If you choose to make movies in QuickTime MOV format, the conversion process is really fast and results in files that are small in size.
  • Configure Audio Frequency while Making Movies in AVI: You can select any audio frequency from the standard ones provided by this new version of Video Edit Magic while making movies in AVI format.
  • Repair File Tool: The built-in repair utility detects and repairs problems that might exist in your WMV and QuickTime MOV media files.
  • Redesigned Toolbar: The new toolbar has icons for capture, adding narration to the Timeline, make movie and options.  So these often used functions can be accessed simply with a mouse click instead of searching then under various menus.
  • Add-On Packages for Effects and Transitions: Any DirectX add-on packages for effects and transitions compatible with Movie Maker also work with Video Edit Magic.  If you have these add-ons installed on their PC, the additional effects and transitions are automatically included and can be used in Video Edit Magic.

Version 4.1

  • Make Movie in Windows Media 9: The all new Windows Media 9 support gives you Windows Media 9 profiles organized in 4 different categories of videos.  You can now make movies using the Windows Media 9 video and audio codecs.
  • Pan and Zoom Effect: The new Pan and Zoom video effect lets you create the classic Ken Burns effect from your photo snaps and videos.  Breathe life into your still photos by adding this effect and some music.
  • Animated Transform Effect: With this new effect, you can make your videos move and rotate at the same time.  For example, you can also start from an off-screen position and make Video Rolls.
  • Display Aspect Ratio in DVD Video: With Video Edit Magic, you can now create DVD Video for Standard Television, Widescreen and Cinemascope Movie.
  • Support for USB 2.0 Camcorders: The enhanced capture tool now lets you capture from Camcorders that are capable of transferring videos using a USB 2.0 connection to your PC.
  • Capture from DV Cameras to Windows Media: Like WebCams, the capture tool now enables you to capture from DV Cameras directly to Windows Media Video (WMV).  This will produce small captured files.
  • Capture Entire Tape: With this new option in the Capture tool, you can setup Video Edit Magic to capture the entire video from your DV Camera's tape while you relax.
  • Batch Conversion: The media converter tool now supports batch conversion.  Add all files that you want to convert at once and have the converter tool convert them one after another.
  • Enhanced Key Color Transition: Along with the specified key color, the new Similarity option will enable you to render colors near to the key color as transparent.
  • Opening Title, Closing Credit with Text/Title Effect: The Text/Title video effect provides you with a choice to add text as Opening Titles, Closing Credits or Title On the Video.  When required, this effect also adds a Video Color Clip that provides a solid background color of your choice to the text.
  • MPEG-4 Support: With Video Edit Magic, you can now add MPEG-4 files to the Timeline.  The built-in media converter also supports MPEG-4 video files.
  • VOB and Chapter Support: When you add VOB files with chapters to Video Edit Magic, it will convert the VOB file with all the chapters into a single AVI file.
  • Support for custom WMV profiles: In Make Movie Wizard, the WMV Properties screen now lets you select a custom profile along with all the standard profiles bundled with Video Edit Magic.
  • New Picture Arrange Transition: The picture arrange transition lets you place the two video tracks on the same video screen.  The transition includes presets using which you can place the videos side-by-side vertically, horizontally or diagonally.
  • Enhanced Take Snap: The Take Snap option displays three consecutive snaps so that you select the one you want and save the selected snap as a JPEG or a bitmap image.
  • Align Clips: With this new option present under the Tools menu, you can select two or more clips on the Timeline and align them to the start time of the clip with the largest start time (right-most selected clip).
  • Improved Pixelate Effect: With this improved Pixelate Effect, you can pixelate the video at a constant value throughout the duration of the effect.

Version 4.0

  • Rotation Transform Effect: This new video effect enables you to rotate your videos at any specified angle.  This effect also supports other transformation tasks like moving and zooming the videos.
  • Redesigned Capture Tool: Video Edit Magic's entirely redesigned capture tool makes it very simple to capture footages from your Web and DV Cameras.  You can also control your DV Cameras with the new capture tool.
  • Split Track: The Split Track option provides a quick method to split sources in tracks.  Simply move your mouse over sources and click once to split the source.
  • New Compatibility Tab: Video Edit Magic now has a new and useful feature called the Compatibility Tab.  This allows you to disable certain incompatible filters while working with Video Edit Magic, without affecting other applications that might require the disabled filters.
  • Sorting in Collection Window: Media files, while in the Details View in the Collections Window, can be sorted on the basis of name, media type, duration, video info or audio frequency for better management of media content.
  • Improved resizing and moving operations: Resizing a source on a track now leaves the position of other sources unchanged with respect to the Timeline.  When moving multiple sources across tracks, the alignment of the sources with respect to one another is also maintained. You can also cut copy and paste media files across tracks.

Version 3.3

  • Text Effect: The new “Add Text” feature enables you to treat text as effects. Now you can decorate your videos with multiple text effects and on both the video tracks. You can change the text even after adding the text effect. Also, use the Shadow and Outline text formats to enhance your text.
  • Narrate into the Timeline: This feature enables you to narrate straight into the Timeline using the built-in narration recorder.
  • Gamma in Color Balance Effect: The Color Balance effect, in addition to Brightness and Contrast, now also lets you change the Gamma of your videos.
  • Custom Colors in Color Channel Effect: Use custom color with the Color Channel Effect for that perfect touch. The Color Channel Effect is not restricted to absolute Red, Green or Blue colors anymore.
  • Next and Previous Frames: Accurately edit your videos with frame level precision. These additional player control options let you advance the Timeline slider frame by frame.
  • Customizable QuickTime Movie Making: Make Movie in QuickTime is now completely customizable. Change these properties to suit your perfect requirement.
  • AVI Codec Determination: Video Edit Magic now correctly determines the codec in use by your AVI files. If Video Edit Magic does not open a file because of a missing codec then it displays the exact codec name.

Version 3.1

  • Smooth Preview: The preview responds extremely quickly when the Timeline slider is moved. The effect is a very smooth preview providing better editing capabilities.
  • Seven New Transitions: Decorate your videos with seven new transitions. These are Cross Fade, Slide, Random Dissolve, Pixelate, Iris, Checkerboard and Stretch.
  • Quick Start: The Quick Start dialog displays the most frequent operations when Video Edit Magic opens up.
  • Simple Digital Video Export: The new Digital Video Export utility lets you export a DV AVI files in three simple steps. Select the file that you want to export, seek the Digital Video camera to the desired position and click 'Export'.
  • Make Movie in MPEG Formats: Movies can now be made in MPEG Formats. This includes MPEG formats required for creating VCD, SVCD and DVDs. Custom MPEG 1 and MPEG 2 file creation is also supported.
  • Timeline Paging: The slider can be instantly positioned to the beginning or end of the Timeline. The Timeline can also be scrolled right or left one page at a time.
  • User Interface Enhancements: Precise position of the slider and sources can be specified directly from the the Timeline window. A separate Timeline Information window has therefore been removed. The Non Red, Luminance and Hue Transitions that were a part of the Key Color Transition can also now be added directly to the Timeline.

Version 3.0

  • Make Movie in QuickTime: Video Edit Magic now supports making movies in QuickTime. This requires the recommended setup of QuickTime installed.
  • Make Movie in Digital Video AVI: Video Edit Magic also supports making movies in Digital Video AVI Type I and II. The movie can be made in both, NTSC as well as PAL standard.
  • Four New Effects including Brightness and Contrast: Color Balance (Brightness and Contrast), Posterize, Color Channel and Threshold are the four new effects added to Video Edit Magic.
  • Picture-in-Picture Transition: A new and a powerful transition - Picture-in-Picture enables you to place videos or images inside other videos and images in any way you want.
  • Digital Video Manager: Digital Video Manager is a companion program that is bundled with Video Edit Magic. This program will enable you to capture videos from attached Digital Video cameras and export Digital Video AVI files back to the attached camera.

Version 2.7

  • Project Auto Recovery: Project information is saved periodically so that the current project can be automatically recovered after a failure.
  • Enhanced Key Color Transition: The Key Color transition has been enhanced to provide the "Reverse Transition Input" option similar to all the other transitions. The default values of some key color transitions have been changed to reflect its most common usage.
  • Display Information: Display Information like Title, Author, Copyright etc. can be viewed or added to Windows Media Format (WMV, WMA or ASF) files even after creating the movie.
  • Browse for Custom Profiles (2.7.1): Making Movies in Windows Media Format (WMV, WMA or ASF) allow browsing for custom profiles.
  • Two Mode Linking: Track Linking now works in two modes - when the selection sliders are activated and when they are not. If you unlink a track in one mode, it will not be reflected in the other.
  • Enhanced Capture: The capture utility has been enhanced to work under certain configurations of Windows 98 and DirectX 9.0. Video Edit Magic is now able to capture using both technologies - the new DirectShow and the old but robust VFW (Video for Windows).
  • Take Snaps in JPEG: Save your snaps to JPEG with quality ranging from 0 to 100% in addition to Bitmap. JPEG files are smaller in size with comparable quality.

Version 2.6

  • Make Movie Wizard: Make Movie’s user interface has been changed to a simple four step wizard. Now Video Edit Magic takes you step by step through the process of Movie Making. Windows Media Format Properties and AVI Properties are now part of the wizard.
  • Configure Video Codecs: Video Edit Magic now lets you configure properties of the selected video codec. Codec properties are specific to a codec and help you to fine tune compression parameters.
  • Image Transform Effect: A whole new and powerful video effect, the Image Transform effect, has been added. This effect lets you Flip, Mirror, Invert etc. your video clips in the Timeline.
  • Fade In Effect: Another new effect, the fade in effect, has been added that lets you gradually fade in your video from a black background.
  • Effect Settings: Existing effects like Pixelate and Wave and the Image Transform Effect can be further configured by simply double-clicking them.
  • Source Settings: Source Settings lets you specify the default duration for Image Sources, Effects and Transitions. You can also specify the default duration for Add Text and can configure it to add text to the entire Timeline at once.

Version 2.5

  • Enhanced User Interface: The enhanced user interface of Video Edit Magic organizes Media Files, Effects and Transitions in a very effective manner. The Collections window now contains separate tabs for Media Files, Effects and Transitions that results in clearer viewing and handling of Effects and Transitions.
  • Improved Timeline Handling: The new version of Video Edit Magic sports a completely new and enhanced Timeline with primary focus on usability and speed. The new Timeline features drag and drop functionality that enables you to drag sources almost anywhere on the Timeline within the same type (video, audio, effect or transition).
  • Full Screen Preview: In addition to the on-the-fly preview, now view your video compositions on the entire screen by switching the preview to full screen.
  • Faster and Accurate Editing: The Timeline List and the Actions List was removed to make Video Edit Magic even faster. The Timeline Information window enables you to type in values to manipulate the Timeline's slider position, zoom factor and the selected source's start and stop time that results in accurate editing.


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