2.Understanding the Workspace
3.Getting Started with Editing
4.Media Editing
5.Working with Effects and Transitions
6.Video Edit Magic Tools
7.Using Volume Tracks
8.Working with Projects
9.Making Movies
10.Capturing Media from Devices
Capturing from a Web Camera
Capturing from a Digitial Video Camera
Importing from a Digital Camera
Controlling a Digitial Video Camera
Capturing Snaps
Changing Capture Device
Changing Capture To Folder
Capturing in AVI Format
Capturing in WMV Format
Capturing without Audio
Changing Video/Audio Settings and Formats
Changing Snaps Output Format
Working with Captured Files
11.Capturing Media from Analog Devices (Windows 98 only)
12.Exporting to Digital Video Camera
13.Keyboard Shortcuts

Video Edit Magic 4.47

Capturing Media From Devices

Video Edit Magic's built-in capture tool enables you to capture video footage from attached USB and FireWire cameras.  With the capture tool you can:

  1. Capture footage from a Web Camera
  2. Capture footage from a Digital Video Camera
  3. Import footage from a Digital Video Camera
  4. Take Snaps from the selected video capture device

To open the capture tool, point to the Tools menu and click Capture.  You can also use the F3 shortcut key.


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