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Video Edit Magic Express 4.11

What's New in Video Edit Magic Express 4.1?

  1. Make Movies in WMF: You can now make movies in Windows Media Format. 
  2. Re-designed Capture Tool: The Capture utility in Video Edit Magic Express has been changed to make the capturing process really simple and easy. 

What's New in Video Edit Magic Express 4.0?

  1. Support for USB 2.0 Camcorders: The enhanced capture tool now lets you capture from Camcorders that are capable of transferring videos using a USB 2.0 connection to your PC. 
  2. Capture from DV Cameras to Windows Media: Like WebCams, the capture tool now enables you to capture from DV Cameras directly to Windows Media Video (WMV).  This will produce small captured files. 
  3. Capture Entire Tape: With this new option in the Capture tool, you can setup Video Edit Magic Express to capture the entire video from your DV Camera's tape while you relax. 
  4. Batch Conversion: The media converter tool now supports batch conversion.  Add all files that you want to convert at once and have the converter tool convert them one after another. 
  5. Redesigned Capture Tool: Video Edit Magic Express's entirely redesigned capture tool makes it very simple to capture footages from your Web and Digital Video (DV) Cameras.  You can also control your DV Cameras with the new capture tool. 
  6. Thumbnail View: The Media list tab under the Collection window now provides a Thumbnail view along with other standard views. 
  7. Better Timeline Selection: Track selections are more visible.  You can now select a track by clicking on the track's name. 
  8. Extended Automatic Timeline Scrolling: The Timeline automatically scrolls when you shuffle sources in between tracks in the Timeline. 
  9. Split Track: The Split Track option provides a quick method to split the sources in the tracks.  Simply move your mouse over the sources and click once to split the source. 
  10. Insert Into Timeline: This new option lets you add your videos to the timeline at the slider's position.  If the slider is positioned over a source then this option splits that source before adding the video. 
  11. Better Drag and Drop: You can now drag videos and effects and drop them into their respective tracks directly instead of selecting the track first. 
  12. MPEG-4 Support: With Video Edit Magic Express, you can now add MPEG-4 files to the timeline.  The built-in media converter also supports MPEG-4 video files. 
  13. VOB and Chapter Support: When you add VOB files with chapters to Video Edit Magic Express, it will convert the VOB file with all the chapters into a single AVI file. 
  14. Enhanced Take Snap: The Take Snap option displays three consecutive snaps so that you select the one you want and save the selected snap as a JPEG or a bitmap image.

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