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My Screen Recorder Pro 5.13

Setting up Time Lapse Recording

To record long periods with little change, you can use the Time-lapse feature.  With Time-lapse you can capture the desktop at a slower frame rate and play back at a faster frame rate.

For example, you want to capture your screen for a long period of time.  However, you don't expect frequent changes to the state of the screen.  Continuous recording would capture a lot of unnecessary footage and the changes to the screen would be too slow to notice when playing back later.  With the Time-lapse feature in place, you can capture frames after predefined time intervals (for instance, one frame every minute) and play back the recordings at a faster rate, to give the impression that the changes were faster than they really were.  This will save time, it will be easier to see the changes.

NOTE: Audio recording will not be carried out during Time-lapse recording.

To use the Time-lapse feature:

  1. On the Tools menu, click on Settings.
  2. Select the AVI Video tab.
  3. Select the Time-lapse option, and click on Time-lapse Setup.
  4. Specify the Recording rate in frames per second.
  5. Specify the Playback rate in frames per second.
  6. Click on Ok.

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