1.Introduction to Text Speaker
2.Understanding User Interface
Supported File Formats
3.Working With Text Speaker
4.Application Settings
5.Troubleshooting Speaking or Converting Documents
6.Keyboard Shortcuts

Text Speaker 3.31

Understanding Text Speaker Menus

Menu Bar

The Menu Bar is divided into following sections:

  • File Menu: General operation controls.
      • New: Create a new blank document.
      • Open: Open an existing or new document. 
      • Save: Save your document.
      • Save As: You can save your document with different name and at different location.
      • Convert Current File To: Convert the file on which your are currently working to either MP3 or WAV format.
      • Convert All Files To: This option allows you to convert all the documents opened in Text Speaker to MP3 or WAV.
      • Play Audio: Listen to a document that is converted to an audio file.
      • Recently Opened Files: Displays a list of the 5 most recently used documents. Select a file to open.
      • Launch Menu: Launch other DeskShare applications.
      • Close: Closes the currently working document.  If you have not saved the changes, application will show a confirmation message.
      • Close All: Closes all the documents opened in Text Speaker.
      • Exit: Stops all the running actions, preserves the previously selected settings for the next use and closes the application.
  • Edit Menu: Common formatting features are provided.
      • Undo: Return your document to its previous state, starting with the most recent change. 
      • Redo: If you don't like the changes of undoing then use Redo.
      • Cut: Select a text, use cut to move it to some other position.
      • Copy: Use copy to duplicate the selected text.
      • Paste: Paste copied text at the desired location in your document.
      • Delete: Permanently delete the selected text from the document.
      • Select All: Select all the text in the document.
      • Find: Search the required word in the selected document.
      • Replace: Search the word and replace it with another word.
      • Add Bookmark: Set bookmarks within the document for easy reference.
      • Go To Bookmark: Select a Bookmark and return to it.
      • Outline Area: Mark important lines of your document using Outline.  The outlined text is highlighted in Yellow.
      • Remove Outline: Use this option to remove the outlined text.
      • Insert Voice Change: If you want your document to be read by multiple voices, use this option.
      • Insert Pause: You can insert a delay of some seconds after punctuations or where you want to pause.
      • Change Pitch for Selected Word/Phrase: Add emphasis to make the speech sound natural.
      • Spell Selected Word/Phrase: Spell out certain words or phrases.
  • Speak Menu: Player controls to view the screen recordings.

      • Speak Current File: Starts speaking the current document from the beginning.
      • Convert Current File to Audio: The currently selected file will be converted to either MP3 or Wav.
      • Speak from Current Cursor Position: Start listening from the current cursor location.
      • Speak Highlighted Text: Select text and use this option to speak only the highlighted text.
      • Speak Selected Files: Select the files from the File List.  Text Speaker will start speaking the text from the first selected document till the last selected document.
      • Convert Selected Files to Audio: Batch convert multiple files into audio.
      • Speak Outlined Text: Listen to the marked text.
      • Convert Outlined Text: Convert the marked text into audio and listen to your key points.
      • Pause: Pause the current reading and resume it when required.
      • Stop: Stops the current reading.

  • Tools Menu: Tools menu includes following items:

      • Voice: Select a voice and set its volume, pitch, speed, and more.
      • Pronunciation: Adjust the way a word is pronounced by the application.
      • Settings: Configure general application settings.
      • Talking Reminder: You can create alarms or reminders with Talking Reminders.
      • Full Screen: Hide the toolbar and menu bar.

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