1.Introduction to Text Speaker
2.Working With Text Speaker
Text to Speech
Converting Text to Audio
Changing the Voice
Adjusting Volume, Speed, and Pitch
Adjusting Emphasis
Adjusting Pronunciation
Create Audio Outline
Add Bookmarks
Talking Reminders
Application Settings
3.Troubleshooting Speaking or Converting Documents
4.Keyboard Shortcuts

Text Speaker 3.24

Working with Text Speaker

Text Speaker is an ultimate tool that allows you to listen to your text as well as proofread your writing.  The application provides a great help to the people having difficulty in reading.

Working with Text Speaker is as simple as using any other text editing applications.  With its intuitive user interface, you can master all the features with less effort.

Text Speaker is compatible with many file formats such as DOC, DOCX, PDF, RTF, HTML, and TXT.  Various native language voices can be used to personalize your reading experience.

More advanced features include the conversion of your documents to audio files in MP3 and WAV formats, adding background music to your audio, setting alarms, etc.

Following sections explain each feature in detail:

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