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Team Task Manager 2.41

Editing, Renaming or Deleting the Topic and Document

Team Task Manager allows you to edit, rename or delete a Topic or Document in the Notes section.

Editing a Topic or Document

You can edit a topic or document in which you have edit permissions.  You can make the necessary changes in the contents and click on the Save icon or press Ctrl + S to save it on the database server.

The Editor has two toolbars with various buttons for formatting and editing the text.  You can perform the following operations:

  • Save, Print, and See Print Preview
  • Export your document to a PDF file
  • Use option like Format painter and clear formatting to format your text
  • Cut, Copy, and Paste
  • Undo and Redo
  • Add File, Header and Footer, Table, Image, Hyperlink
  • Change Font Style, Size and Color, Back Color
  • Use Bold, Italics, and Underline, Strike Through, Subscript, Superscript options
  • Left, Right, Centre and Justify text alignment
  • Increase/Decrease indent
  • Use bullets and numbering
  • Use spell-check, page setup features

If "Require Moderation for Topics and Documents" is selected then changes made by users who do not have moderator or topic admin permissions in a topic or document will have to be moderated by the admin, secondary admin or user who has moderator permissions in the topic.  Till the changes are not moderated other users can see the moderated contents and can make changes in it.  Moderators can view the old contents as well as the changed contents and approve or reject the changed contents.

To Cut, Copy and Paste Documents

You can cut and copy a document, if you have sufficient permissions to do so in the topic.  Select a document and right click and select cut/copy.  Now, select the topic in which you need to paste the document.  If the topic in which you are trying to paste a document has a document with the same name, you will be asked to rename the topic before pasting it.

Renaming a Topic or Document

You can select the topic or document you wish to rename by right clicking on the name and selecting Rename or using the F2 Key.  The Topic name should be unique among all the topics.  The Document name needs to be unique within the particular topic.

Deleting a Topic or Document

You can delete the topic or document by right clicking on the name and selecting Delete.  The Admin, Secondary Administrator and users with topic admin permissions can delete a topic.

Document can be deleted by users who have delete document permissions but if "Require Moderation for Topics and Documents" is selected then it is just marked as deleted.  When admin, secondary admin or moderator approves the deletion it gets deleted.

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