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Team Task Manager 2.41

Rearranging Tasks

As the project matures and progresses, the task list rises to a point where it becomes difficult for the Project Manager to control the overall task list.  The need for task rearrangement quickly arises.  Team Task Manager allows you to fully rearrange the task list according to your work break up structure and organization's need.  Rearranging the tasks mainly involves moving tasks around the projects and organizing them to create a well established representation.

To Copy or Move a Task

Team Task Manager uses standard Windows cut, copy and paste techniques to move or copy Tasks.

To copy a task, select the task and click on Edit >> Copy.  Similarly to cut a task, click Edit >> Cut.  When a task is cut, the icon changes.  This helps you to distinguish the task you have cut when the list of tasks is huge or when you have selected multiple tasks and performed a 'cut' operation for them.

To paste a task, first select the required task group or project and click on Edit >> Paste.  You can also drag and drop a task to another location.  If filters are applied to the Task List and you copy or cut a task group, you have two options: either paste the filtered tasks only or paste all the tasks from the task group.

When you cut or copy tasks and paste them in a project that does not have the member to which the task was originally assigned, the Reassign Task dialog appears.  You can choose any member from the list given and click Reassign.  Click Skip Task if you do not want the cut/copied tasks to be pasted to the project.  The cut/copy action on the skipped task gets cancelled and it does not get pasted in the new location or deleted from its original location.

Team Task Manager allows you to hide unwanted task groups and projects by archiving them.

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