2.Understanding the Workspace
3.Getting Started with Editing
4.Media Editing
5.Working with Effects and Transitions
6.Video Edit Magic Tools
7.Using Volume Tracks
8.Working with Projects
Creating New Projects
Opening and Saving Projects
9.Making Movies
10.Capturing Media from Devices
11.Capturing Media from Analog Devices (Windows 98 only)
12.Exporting to Digital Video Camera
13.Keyboard Shortcuts

Video Edit Magic 4.47

Opening and Saving Projects

A Video Edit Magic project is a file that contains the following information:  which media files have been added to the Collection, what sources are in the Timeline and with what duration, and the current Make Movie settings.  The Project file does not contain the actual media files, only the locations of the files.  When you open an existing project using File > Open Project, the project file is opened with all the last saved modifications and effects that you had carried out on the media files used in that project.  The project is opened with the preview size and working folder that were originally defined for it.  If you were working on a project when you chose the File > Open Project option, you will be prompted to confirm your decision and save the project that you were currently working on.  Sometimes while opening project, an error report is shown if some of the files from the project have problems.  Learn more about Trouble Opening media files.

Saving Projects

To save a project that you have been working on, simply click File > Save Project.  If you are saving the project for the first time, you will be prompted to give a name to your project file.  To save your project file under a different name, choose File > Save Project As and give it a new name.

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