2.Understanding the Workspace
3.Getting Started with Editing
Opening Media Files
Preparing for Editing
Understanding Options
Trouble Opening Media Files
4.Media Editing
5.Working with Effects and Transitions
6.Video Edit Magic Tools
7.Using Volume Tracks
8.Working with Projects
9.Making Movies
10.Capturing Media from Devices
11.Capturing Media from Analog Devices (Windows 98 only)
12.Exporting to Digital Video Camera
13.Keyboard Shortcuts

Video Edit Magic 4.47

Understanding Options

Video Edit Magic allows you to set preferences for the colors of the Timeline tracks, disabling hardware acceleration during movie making and other such things.  To access the preferences, click Tools > Options.  You will now see each of the preferences in detail.  The preferences are grouped under two separate tabs.


These are the common options that Video Edit Magic allows you to set.

Fit to Timeline when adding sources

If this option is checked then the zoom factor is automatically adjusted when sources are added to the Timeline such that the sources are completely visible in the Timeline without having to scroll the Timeline.

Save Auto Recovery Information Every... minute (s)

Video Edit Magic can save Auto Recovery Information periodically so that your project can be restored after a crash.  This option is checked by default.  You can specify the period between 1 to 60 minutes.  The default is 5 minutes. You can uncheck this option if you don't want Video Edit Magic to save Auto Recovery Information.

Open Settings dialog when adding Effects and Transitions

This option is checked by default.  The Effects and Transitions settings window gets automatically opened when Effect or Transition with some settings is added to the Timeline.  You may uncheck this option if you like.

Disable Hardware Acceleration during make movie and conversion

This option is used when converting MPEG 2 files to AVI or making movies in MPEG 2 format, since fewer system resources are used when hardware acceleration is disabled.  By default this option is unchecked. Disabling Hardware Acceleration using this method causes a black screen to appear before and after conversion.  Alternatively, you can disable hardware display acceleration system-wide using the Windows Control Panel 'Display' applet.  This avoids blanking the screen before and after conversion.  However some applications need hardware acceleration enabled to run properly (e.g. video games).

Reset Warning Dialogs

To see any hidden warning messages, click on Reset Warning Dialogs button.  Warning messages are hidden when you  select the 'Do not show this message again' check box.

Clear Recently Accessed Files and Projects

To clear all the recently accessed files and projects, click on Clear Recently Added Files and Projects button.

Clear the Restore All Defaults to revert to the default General settings.

Source Settings

Default Durations

These settings are used to select the default duration for Image Sources, Effects and Transitions.  By default, Image Sources are added with a duration of 5 seconds, Effects with 10 seconds and Transitions with 1 second.  To change the source settings, type the values in Hours, Minutes, Seconds and Milliseconds against the source.  Click on the Default button to restore the default time duration.

Color Settings

Video Edit Magic allows you to set the colors for the tracks in the Timeline: the Video, Effects, Transitions and the two Audio tracks.  To change the color of a track:

  1. First click the corresponding Change button for each track.
  2. Select the color of your choice from the Basic colors palette.
  3. To see a wider choice of colors, click the Define Custom Colors button.
  4. Select a color by clicking on the color matrix and sliding the vertical slider to control the brightness of the color.
  5. You may even enter the HSL or RGB values directly to create your custom color.
  6. Click OK to save your choice and exit from the Color menu.
  7. Click Apply to refresh your Timeline view using the newly selected colors.
  8. Click Restore All Defaults to revert to the default colors for each track.


This option lists all the compressors on your PC.  Some of the compressors that are being used by other programs might cause problems while working with Video Edit Magic.  So you can disable them by unchecking them from the list to avoid any trouble caused by them such as system crashes, missing audio and video streams etc.  Disabling them for this application will not affect other programs.  Click on the Restore Defaults button to revert to the default Compatibility settings.  You also need to check the codecs installed on your PC.

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