3.Manage User Accounts
4.Manage Projects
5.Project Overview
6.Assign Tasks
7.Organize Tasks
8.Task Dependency
9.Share Notes
10.Viewing Reports
11.Understand Notifications
12.System Maintenance
14.Helpful Tips
User and Project Information
Copy Gantt Chart
Refresh Data
Additional Information

Team Task Manager 2.41

Copy Gantt Chart

Team Task Manager allows you to easily copy the Gantt Chart and print it through the Copy Gantt Chart option.  In the Projects section, arrange the Gantt Chart to show the projects/task groups/tasks you want. 

Click on Edit >> Copy Gantt Chart

In the Copy Image section, you can choose to either copy the image To Clipboard or To Printer

You can choose to copy and print the Highlighted rows.  You can select all rows using the Edit >> Select All option or select multiple rows by holding down the Shift or Ctrl keys while clicking on them.  You can also specify the date range of tasks in the Gantt Chart that needs to be copied and print it. 

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