3.Manage User Accounts
4.Manage Projects
5.Project Overview
6.Assign Tasks
7.Organize Tasks
8.Task Dependency
9.Share Notes
10.Viewing Reports
11.Understand Notifications
12.System Maintenance
14.Helpful Tips
User and Project Information
Copy Gantt Chart
Refresh Data
Additional Information

Team Task Manager 2.41

User and Project Information

The User Management screen displays important information about the users and the projects.  It can be quickly accessed by using the shortcut CTRL+4.

The top portion of the User Management screen lists all the users.  The bottom portion displays a list of the projects you are a member of.

User Information

Fig 1: User Information List

The Administrator or Secondary Administrator can edit user accounts by selecting the user and clicking on File >> Edit.  Properties that can be edited are member types, project and topic permissions, name and password.  Users can not change the account information of other users.  However, they can change their own name and password.

Project Information

Fig 2: Project Information List

The Project Information List at the base and displays all the projects in which you are are member of.  The Administrator, Secondary Administrator and Project Manager can edit a project information by selecting the project and clicking on File >> Edit

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