3.Manage User Accounts
4.Manage Projects
5.Project Overview
6.Assign Tasks
7.Organize Tasks
8.Task Dependency
9.Share Notes
10.Viewing Reports
11.Understand Notifications
12.System Maintenance
14.Helpful Tips
User and Project Information
Copy Gantt Chart
Refresh Data
Additional Information

Team Task Manager 2.41

Refreshing the Data

Team Task Manager automatically refreshes the Task list and updates all the information.

While refreshing, all the information related to users, projects, tasks and notes which is updated on the database server by other users is reflected on your application.  The task information is refreshed every 30 minutes.  This process is called auto refresh

If you wish to set the time interval to refresh the task list or any other information, click on Settings >> General.  Select the " Refresh every... " option and specify the time interval.  This activity can be performed manually by clicking on View >> Refresh or using the F5 key.

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